About us

Our clients choose us for our strategic perspective, well informed insight on current and future trends and powerful capacity to support organisational transformation.

The Simplify Solutions team provide a range of services to the education, not for profit and business sectors. Through streamlined technology and solutions that are better aligned to business goals, we help organisations improve their core business focus and performance.

Simplify Solutions are experts in the fields of collaboration, information technology, strategic perspective, trends, innovation and organisational transformation. We use our knowledge and skills to deliver three key areas of service to our clients:

Strategic IT

Our ‘outsourced CIO’ service incorporates IT reviews, big picture thinking, strategic planning and project conception. We provide a depth of expertise and an international and future trend perspective.

Transformational Projects

We enjoy delivering projects that transform organisations. We’re well versed in the challenges and complexities of research, education and the not for profit sector. We work closely with the organisation and its service providers to design valuable and enduring outcomes.

Google Apps

With simple, collaborative tools you can reinvent your work culture. We have seen small and large organisations transform through the adoption of Google Apps. We have deep technical expertise, and the ability to problem-solve in order to develop custom-fit solutions.

The Simplify Solutions difference

The Simplify Solutions difference is that we are more than just technology experts. We have a deep understanding of people and their capacity to change. We are committed to ensuring people remain at the heart of the change process.

Our team prides itself on being people our clients enjoy partnering with. Through being accessible, friendly, professional and easy to work with, we collaboratively solve problems and add value to our client’s organisations. Simplify Solution’s depth of knowledge and experience also sets us apart.

To learn more about how your IT can better serve your business, please contact us.