Transformational projects

Every few years an organisation gets an opportunity to invest in a landmark project that will significantly shift the organisation forward. Typically these projects transform the way the organisation explores, collaborates and disseminates its work. Successful delivery can significantly increase an organisation’s profile and market position.

These kinds of projects can be challenging to plan and manage – they inherently require an open-ended and exploratory approach. Nonetheless, organisations still want to be able to quantify costs, benefits and schedules, and to effectively include many stakeholders in the journey of design and implementation.

Our process for transformation projects successfully balances the flexibility and structure required to successfully deliver transformational change.

The team at Simplify have excellent experience across a range of transformational projects:

  • implementing new approaches to collaboration and information management (saving time, improving productivity and increasing team morale)

  • creating and implementing leading edge, next-generation technologies

  • through to the delivery of new organisational centres or capabilities

Transformational projects can incorporate new technologies, new approaches and a diverse array of internal and external stakeholders.