Simplify Solutions & Google Apps

The Simplify Solutions team have a long history and extensive experience in delivering Google Apps to organisations. We have managed both large, international and small, local deployments and migrations. Our difference is that:

  • We focus on people: we can help anyone, at any skill level, find ways to effectively adopt and adapt Google Apps to suit their needs and their work. Excellent communication and change management is at the core of our work.

  • We’re passionate about Google: we truly believe that Google products have the ability to fundamentally change the way people work and learn together. We love helping others to realise this vision.

  • We have a strong and trusted presence in the Google community: our team have forged collaborative relationships with Google Apps users worldwide. We have earned respect and trust from Google for our knowledge and user-focussed approach.

  • We’re problem solvers: we have the creativity and expertise to overcome both organisational and technical hurdles. Our team members have led the way in tailoring Google products to suit organisational needs.

  • We are experienced in the education sector: we understand education, and the unique challenges organisational change presents in this environment. We have the knowledge and experience to shape learning and teaching transformation.