5 useful gadgets for Google Sites

March 17th, 2015 by Simplify Solutions

Google Sites logoGoogle Sites includes a library of gadgets – little applications that can add a lot of powerful features to your site.


All of these gadgets can be added to your site by:

1. Editing the page you want to insert the gadget on.

2. Selecting the Insert menu .

3. Selecting a gadget from the list, or choosing More gadgets.

4. If you select More gadgets, use the search box at the top of the gadget gallery to find the gadgets mentioned below.


1: Google Calendar

The Google Calendar gadget lets you embed a Google Calendar within your site. You can choose a default view (such as Day or Agenda), and provide the ability for viewers to change the view to suit their needs.

To use this gadget, select the Insert menu and select Calendar from the Google section of the menu.

Tip: Make sure the calendar you embed on the site is shared appropriately. Even when embedded on the site, it can only be viewed by people it is shared with.

Google Calendar gadget


2: Slideshow maker (using Google Slides)

This versatile gadget lets you add a slideshow of images, text or both to your Google Site. It uses Google Slides as a source of content. These instructions show you how to use the gadget, and provide some good templates too. This gadget is a great way to add a professional looking image slider to your site.


3: Google Maps

Another gadget from Google, this one lets you insert a Google Map into your site, with a place marker on a specific location.
To use this gadget, select Insert and select Map from the Google section of the menu.

Google Map gadget


4: Countdown

A simple live event countdown gadget by Sean Regan. You specify the event and the event date, and the countdown clock shows exactly how much time is remaining until that event. Great for assignments, excursions, exams, graduation and more.

Tip: Search ‘countdown sean’ to find this gadget.

Countdown gadget


5: Awesome Tables for Google Sites (using Google Sheets)

This gadget lets you add interactive tables to your Google Site. They can feature multiple pages, filters and more. To see the power of this gadget, check out this YouTube clip by developer Romain Vialard. You can also find some instructions for using the gadget here.


Enjoy these gadgets, and be sure to look through the others in the gadget gallery to find more that suits your needs!





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