5 great add-ons for Google Docs

February 17th, 2015 by Simplify Solutions

Google Docs iconAdd-ons have made many powerful new features available in Google Docs. The number of add-ons available continues to grow every week, so in this blog post we bring you five more great ones to check out.


All of these add-ons can be installed by:

1. Opening a new Google Doc.
2. Selecting the Add-ons menu > Get add-ons.

1: Table Formatter

The Table Formatter add-on provides a heap of templates for customising the look of your tables. Most are very similar to the table styles found in Microsoft Word. To apply a style, you simply click inside your table and then select the desired style. Another great feature is the ability to save your own custom templates based on table formatting you have created.

Screen capture of the Table Formatter screen


2: Wizkids CAS

This add-on extends the capabilities of the built-in equation editor, adding the ability to solve equations and plot graphs from within Google Docs.  Check out the demonstration video to see it in action.


3: Easy Accents

Great for teachers and students teaching or learning other languages! This add-on lets you insert accents for different languages right from the sidebar in Docs. No need to copy and paste them from elsewhere. There are currently fourteen languages supported.

Screen capture of easy accents screen


4: Openclipart

This add-on has been around from the beginning, but it is well worth a mention. It provides quick and easy access to more than 50,000 royalty-free images you can use in your Google Docs. It’s great for younger students, or indeed anyone who wants to add some colour to their document!

Screen capture of openclipart


5: ProQuest Flow

This add-on is a must for any tertiary education students, lecturers or academics to take a look at. It works in conjunction with a free ProQuest Flow account and allows you to add in-text academic references and a reference list to Google Docs. You can also use your ProQuest Flow account to streamline the collection of references whilst undertaking research. You can learn more and see a demo here.
Note: Your tertiary education institution must have a pre-existing relationship with ProQuest before you can create your account.

Enjoy these add-ons, and be sure to look through the others in the add-on store to find more that suits your needs!




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